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Sun damage & age spots

Dermal Aesthetics Medispa offers a wide range of facial treatments to help you make the changes you want, all under the guidance of our Specialist Plastic Surgeon Mr Brett Archer (MBBS, FRACS).

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Sun damage & age spots

Sun damage and age spots can show in different ways on your skin. While sun damage can lead to skin cancers, there are other ways sun damage can show on your skin.

If you have fine lines, wrinkles, discolouration or textural changes, it’s likely they have been caused by sun damage. The result for you? Your skin will end up looking aged prematurely and visibly damaged.

And as Australians, we are more likely to be affected by the sun. High UV radiation, a beach culture and our prominent Celtic skin heritage all play a part.

The loss of elasticity, moisture and the presence of sun spots which are lesions caused by the sun’s rays, are the price to pay for long periods of time outside in the sun. Sun spots are particularly important to watch as they can turn into skin cancer. Keep an eye on your sun spots and have them regularly checked.

While you can’t turn back time to avoid the sun, there are treatments you can have at Dermal Aesthetics Medispa to revitalise your tired, damaged skin. From prescription topical medication and peels through to ablative laser skin resurfacing.

And once your skin has been rejuvenated, don’t forget to cover up in the sun in future. Use sunscreen daily, wear a hat, and wear light, long sleeved clothing and sunglasses to manage sun related conditions.

To find out how we can help you give your skin a much needed refresh, contact us today for a consultation with our specialised dermal clinicians who can recommend a tailor made treatment plan specifically for you and your skin type.

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